10 Tips for Simple Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Healthy living is everyone’s desire. Unfortunately, not everyone lives healthily for one reason or the other. Living healthy life is not actually as difficult as many people think and below are some great simple healthy living tips that would help you embrace the Healthy Lifestyle.

Before going into the different tips, it might be worth defining what healthy living really means. Many people would define it as healthy eating and regular exercising. While this definition might not be totally wrong, healthy living goes beyond these two concepts. It encompasses virtually every aspect of our lives from the simple habits to the relatively complex ones. An instance would be a healthy family living in a hygienic and safe environment, and an individual always wearing the seat belt.

The following are live healthy tips that should be followed by everyone and anyone that loves the good life.

Exercise Regularly

The important of exercising cannot be overemphasized. In actual fact, the lack of exercise or its inadequacy, have been attributed to many of the illnesses today.

Healthy Eating

This definitely has to come on the list. As it is popularly said, we are what we eat. It is therefore important that even as you ensure you regularly exercise your body, you eat healthily. A healthy diet would include eating lots of vegetables and fresh fruits. It is also important that you eat moderately.

One component and a very important one of healthy eating, is going organic. Much has been said about this idea, but one can never get enough of it. Unlike their inorganic counterpart, organic foods contain more nutrients and are less harmful.

Eating healthy would also require you stay hydrated almost always. This explains why it is recommended that a person takes an average of eight glasses of water daily.

Other healthy eating habits would include eating sprouted whole grain foods like bread, pasta or rice four times a week, enriching yourself with multi-vitamins, and as said earlier, eating veggies and fruits at least five portions daily.

Quit Smoking

If you smoke, it is best you quit as fast as possible and if you don’t smoke at all, then do not think about going that way. While exercise helps your body, smoking damages it.

Avoid Taking Alcohol As Much As Possible

There is a lot of debate about the benefits and dangers of drinking alcohol, with majority against drinking it at all.


Have Regular Medical Checks

Taking all the precautions would not necessarily make you absolutely free from illnesses. It is therefore important that you regularly go for medical check-ups at least once in a year.

Wear Your Seat-belts Always

As mentioned earlier, healthy living is an all-Encompassing idea and even when you drive, you want to be safe. You therefore want to make it a habit to always wear your seat belts and for the kids, use car seats.

Help Others

Research has it that helping to make other people brings healing to both the helper and the person being helped. This could be something as little as giving a cent to the homeless or volunteering for some community service.

Stay-Off Stress

The fact actual remains that it can be almost impossible to stay away from stress considering the kind of lifestyle we live. The good part however is the ability to practice some stress relief without having to spend a dime.

All it takes is to engage in an activity that takes your mind off the stress. Deep breathing, smiling, exercising, meditation and other such activities can help take off the pressure of work and life in general.

Sleep Well

Some people are actually of the belief that not getting enough sleep could lead to mental stress which might subsequently result in some psychological issues. This might not be far from the truth as the brain needs time to rest and refresh. This explains why it is advised that we get between six to eight hours of night sleep every day. This helps the body to regenerate and heal.

For persons that find it difficult to sleep, there are a number of calming herbs that could help the situation.

Live the Moment

This tip sounds shallow considering what it entails. The common slogan, You Only Live Once (YOLO) should not be taken out of context here and the important point to deduce is to live life and don’t let life live you. Enjoy life and make a difference.

The tips mentioned above show how easy it is to live a simple healthy life and by following them, you can be sure of good living.